About Us

We provide our readers – The journey of successful Entrepreneurs and even their failure so that you can make the right decision at the right time. Our objective is to uplift the people of semi-urban and rural areas through our insights and mentorship. We spread knowledge of Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing, and everything related to the business world. We aim to promote your journey to another level so that many teenpreneurs get inspired and learning.

We believe that anyone willing to be an Entrepreneur can become an Entrepreneur by solving the problem they are facing today. Startupiist try to remove the myths about Entrepreneurship such as Entrepreneurship requires Entrepreneurs or that Entrepreneurs are usually rich. We try to connect with small startups and Entrepreneurs so that we can provide our readers with real world insights about Ideas, funding, management, and many more. Our mission is to increase the numbers of successful Entrepreneurs in India and fulfill the dream of #Atmanirbhar Bharat