Business Ideas During COvID

Business Ideas During COvID

Today We will tell you about some products and services which gained popularity because of the pandemic and will stay for a long time.


Facial masks have gained a lot of popularity in the market and the masks have become and will continue to be the new normal soon. Various brands like Adidas and Wildcraft have launched their custom masks and soon will be a fashion statement. Masks, therefore, are a viable investment option.


Like masks, sanitizers are going to be an essential item carried by everyone and therefore will continue to be in huge demand.


Due to the countrywide imposed lockdown, many houses faced the problem of cleaning the house because of their maid’s inability of coming to their homes. In such a situation vacuum cleaners turned out to be a blessing in disguise for many people as the machine not only reduces the effort but also reduced the time required for cleaning.


Dishwasher, a product considered to be a failure in the Indian market, saw an increase in demand due to the absence of maids in people’s homes due to the lockdown imposed in the country. While dishwashers have a low demand in the current scenario, the product has a very high potential to succeed in the Indian market provided the producers make some changes to make the product suitable for the Indian needs.


When Gyms all around the country closed due to the pandemic many fitness freaks turned to these kinds of health and fitness apps for their daily exercise routine as these apps not only provided them exercise routines but also gave them elaborate diet plans for a nominal fee or for free. These apps also help a lot of people who do not have the time to go to the gym but still want to maintain their fitness.


Sanitization tunnels as a concept will be very useful as a gateway to places like malls’ offices as a safety measure. This is a viable idea to invest in and will be a hit in the future.