How the love of parents resulted in the 100 Crores Company

How the love of parents resulted in the 100 Crores Company

“We are a company by the moms, for the moms and through by moms”

Ghazal Alagh

We know parents’ love is unconditional for their child. This unconditional love turned their parents into successful entrepreneurs. When Varun and Ghazal were searching for baby care products in India, they seemed to be very disappointed because of the toxin present in the baby care products. They started requesting their friends and relatives traveling abroad to bring toxin-free baby products for their baby Agastya. They understood the pain of every parent and at the same time this was the business opportunity for them, and they did not want to give up. 

Varun had worked with Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, and Coca Cola, He was the senior brand manager at Coca Cola whereas Ghazal was the corporate trainer in the IT Sector, Varun had almost 12 years of experience which helped them a lot in their Brand Management and various management activities. They had six months of a tough time when they were doing research, creating an R&D team, and applying for certification said Varun.

In 2016 they started with only six products focusing on baby care range under the parent company Honasa Consumer Private Ltd. in Gurugram with the help of natural ingredients may be manmade or plant-based. They invested over 90 lakhs at the time of starting up the business which includes their savings, family fund, and Angel Investor.

In only four years, Mamaearth turned into Asia’s first brand to get the Madesafe certification for its toxin-free products. The company objectives were to reach out to every parent and baby in the country with toxin-free care products. Mamaearth is now not only focusing on babies but also pregnant women, men, and women. They have now more than 70-80 ranges of products in skin care and hair care. The company had served 1.5 million consumers across 500 cities in India.

Mamaearth is one of India’s quickest developing brands crossing the Rs 100 crore turnover mark in only four years. When they were asked about their achievement, they said the needs of toxin-free products in the baby care segment make them successful. Mamaearth had also been awarded as “One of the Best Brand” by ET in Brand festivals.

Shilpa Shetty as Brand Ambassador

One of the biggest challenges which Varun said is to stay focus on the target market and It is necessary to make innovation and differentiate their products from competitors constantly. When a couple approaches Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra for their brand ambassador.

“When we got a chance to reach out to Shilpa, she told us that she would associate only if she liked our products. We had confidence in our products but when we didn’t hear from Shilpa for over six months, we were disappointed,” Varun added

They received the response from Shilpa after eight-month. She wanted to be a brand ambassador but also, she wanted to invest in the company.

Mamaearth is also contributing toward the eco-friendly environment as they recycle the plastics under the tagline “Lets Recycle”. Varun said that they will try to reach 10 million consumers in the next five years and they plan to make Mamaearth Rs 500 Cr. Company. As far as funding is concern they are in talks with few Industry and Investors added Varun.

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