Why Dishwashers have failed in the Indian Market despite being such a riot in the foreign countries

Why Dishwashers have failed in the Indian Market despite being such a riot in the foreign countries

Dishwashers, the alternative to washing utensils which has been widely used in the foreign markets such as America and Europe have failed to capture in the Indian Market despite its presence in the mark et since 1998. In a 2019 article by the Economic Times it was stated by the dishwashers makers the dishwasher market in India is around ₨ 140-200 crore whereas in contrast the washing machine market is around ₨ 8000 crore and the vacuum cleaner market is around 5206 million $.

Let us look at some of the reasons for the failure of dishwashers in the Indian Market:

High Cost

Dishwashers start at an initial cost of ₨ 20000 and plus add up high electricity cost to the bill as it consumes around 1-1.5 kWh per usage and therefore is a very heavy investment for Indians. In addition to that, you need to buy an additional detergent and tablets to use it. Hiring a maid is cheaper in comparison to dishwashers.

Not Compatible with Indian Utensils

Most of the dishwashers cannot clean utensils made of brass copper and aluminum which constitute a portion of utensils in Indian households like pressure cookers and containers and therefore they are required to be cleaned by hand and this defeats the purpose of the dishwasher if some of the utensils are required to be washed by hand.

Cannot handle Tough Indian gravy stains and other tough stains

The dishwasher cannot handle tough stains made by the oily and gravy food and sometimes it does not clean properly as compared to cleaning by hand.

Complex to Use

To wash the utensils in the dishwashers you need to rinse the utensils first and then put it in the dishwasher. If we just add some soap while rinsing, the utensils will become clean and that will totally eradicate the need for dishwashers.

Relations with Maid

Most of the women in Indian households have homely relations with their maid as the maids are like companions to them as they provide them gossip, they help in housework like chopping up vegetables or cleaning the house. All this human element is missing in a dishwasher.

All the above reasons state that why dishwasher despite being such a great product failed in the Indian market.

Although due to the current pandemic situation the demand for dishwasher has seen a slight increase as the lockdown has resulted in the maids not coming to people’s homes. Also, companies like Bosch & Siemens have started to make dishwashers suited for the Indian market.